Hoops 101 at Bob Hurley Sr. / Hoop Group Basketball Camp!!!

Here are some pictures of St. Dominic Boys Varsity Basketball Coach and Hoops 101 Founder Mike Kelly speaking to 300 campers for Coach Bob Hurley Sr. and Hoop Group in the Poconos!!!


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2016 Summer Camp Pictures

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Week 1 – Port Washington

Hoops 101 - Week 1 Hoops 101 - Week 1 Hoops 101 - Week 1






Week 2 – Port Washington

image1 image2-1






Week 3 – Port Washington

image1 image2 image3






Week 4 – Glen Cove

image1 image2






Week 5 – Rockville Centre

image1 image2

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New Video – Hoops 101 Basketball Clinic at GMF Sports Academy in Hong Kong

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Gunners for St Anthony Adult Basketball Camp

Had a blast today at the Gunners for St Anthony Adult Basketball Camp! Coach Mike Kelly, Hall of Fame Coach Bob Hurley, Coach Brendan Kelly and legendary NYC Coach Ron Naclerio seen here with the campers.

Gunners for St Anthony

Gunners for St Anthony

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Hoops 101 2016 Trip To Asia

Special thanks to Coach Ikenna Nwankwo and the Top Flight Basketball Academy in Bangkok, Thailand.

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top flight


Great time at the GMF Sports Academy in Hong Kong. Thanks to Coach Neville Tse!

gmf3 gmf2 gmf1


Hoops 101 player development sessions at the Adventure Sports Academy in Hong Kong. Thanks to Coach Wallace Wong!

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Hoops 101 player development sessions with the Sports for Life Spurs basketball program in Shanghai, China.  Special thanks to Coaches Brendan Kelly, Joe Sullivan, and Pierre Bakinde.

Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life Spurs Sports for Life SpursSFL-Spurs13087572_927324354033193_6264592077620900782_n13051574_927324314033197_1404896351205927813_n13015351_927324300699865_709680225473625761_n


Special thanks to the following people from the Shanghai Select basketball program: David Wang, Stanley Chung, Curtis Medved, Riley Van Patten, Brian Heger, and Austin Moore.


Great time at the Beijing East Star Sports Camp!  Special thanks to Emily and Vincent Chan, Jin Xing, Yan Jin, Li Zeran,Gao Jian,Ding Junhao,and Li Si.


East Star Sports Camp 13102662_932458086853153_7144590302808382977_n 13124839_932458073519821_8025635056233512074_n 13087562_932458066853155_6267093253960997945_n 13087654_932458053519823_5732540643153224984_n 13139382_932458030186492_7945548908260641449_n 13139238_932458010186494_7257016268068786038_n 13095903_932458000186495_3357179215252056686_n

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Hoops 101 Returns to Asia!!!

Looking forward to the Hoops 101 upcoming trip to Asia. We will be making stops in Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing!!!

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Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Bob Hurley Sr., Hoops 101, and Gunner’s Adult Basketball Camp have joined together to start the 1st Annual Gunner’s for St. Anthony.

When you have a moment, please check out the trailer below, for Coach Bob Hurley Sr.’s movie The Street Stops Here:


The event will held May 14th and May 15th at the Archangel Michael Greek Church in Port Washington, NY.  Coach Hurley will be overseeing each of the segments of the camp on both days.  It will be open to adults only and will have 2 age groups – 25 to 40 years old, and 41 and over.  Details regarding the daily itinerary of the 2 day camp can be found in the camp brochure (2016 Gunners for St Anthony).

The camp will be open to the first 40 people who register.

All proceeds will be going to St. Anthony HS.  Included in the camp brochure are cost of the 2 day camp and details regarding the opportunity to attend and watch the camp if participation is not an option.  There is also the opportunity to sponsor the event at a few different levels.

Coach Hurley is a personal friend of mine.  He represents everything that is right about helping young men to grow on the court as players and off the court as people.  St. Anthony is a school that must raise a certain amount of money each year just to keep the doors open.

We are hoping that this different concept of an adult fantasy basketball camp can be the start of a new fundraising effort for St. Anthony of Jersey City, NJ.

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Hoops 101 Promo Video

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Hoops 101 Returns to China!!!

Happy to announce that Hoops 101 will be returning to China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing) in April. We are also excited to go to Hong Kong for the first time!

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Here’s what Coach Guy Molloy (current Head Coach of the WNBL Melbourne Boomers) has to say about Hoops 101 –

“I got to see Mike in action during a clinic in Melbourne (Australia) recently.  Aside from the superb technical content, what impressed me was Mike’s passion, focus, and complete humility.  After all, it’s rare we get a US coach with Div 1 coaching experience prepared to come so far and work with players as young as 11 or 12.  The night in question was in a cold gym with lots of distracting noise, and only a small crowd of parents & coaches in attendance.  Yet, if you didn’t have this perspective, you could swear Mike was doing a clinic at the Final Four such was the quality and energy of his presentation.  I would highly recommend Mike to you, your coaching staff, your Club, or School.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Some of Guy’s career successes are:
  • Current WNBL Coach – Melbourne Boomers
  • Head Coach, Australia U17 Men [Silver Medallist FIBA World Championship 2012]
  • Head Coach Australia U21 Men
  • Head Coach Victoria [Metro] U18 Men – Australian Champions 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Australian Coach of the Year 2009
  • WNBL Coach of the Year 1995 and 2014
  • Assistant Coach – Australia Olympic Women’s Team 1990, 1992, 1994
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